Friday, 21 October 2011

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Posted by mudah

affiliate marketing is one of the most popular business model in the world of internet marketing or internet business. you are recommended to learn What is Affiliate Marketing? because so many advantages that we can get.

 You can read the posts 15 Affiliate Marketing Advantage if you want to know why.

Affiliate marketing is actually the first business model already exists, but the namejust now looks sophisticated, but from the first business like this already exists abusiness broker or intermediary.

Affiliate Program is a program where we promote the products of others and we get a commission if the product is purchased. I mean the commission are the following situations:

Peter became agent to the product brand X Affiliate through Affiliate sites that brandX  build. Peter is given Affiliate URL ( When Peter promote product brand X via the URL and the people who buy. Peter will get a commission of 10% of the original price of the product is $ 50.

Peter received a commission of% 5 for each purchase of these products. If Peter had many buyers through for example a total of 100 people, then Peter will get a commission of $ 500 without producing any modal. Peter just trying to find customers only, even by means of online promotion on the internet. It's easy, Peter receive as much money as was the capital of online time and Internet only.

That's a rough picture of it. But for those who wish to enjoy a quick success, must use the correct techniques.

In my opinion.. Its good start for  yourself get into Internet Marketing Affiliate Program because it don’t need a lot of money like the other business.Claim Your 1 Million Guaranteed Real Visitors!

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