Friday, 14 October 2011

4 Examples of Passive Income Online

Expert Author Joonas Kreen
If you like the idea of getting paid repeatedly for the work that you have put in once, then the internet offers quite a few solutions. Here are a few examples of passive income online, which enable you to earn while you sleep. After setting up, they require minimal work. If you want to make them 100% passive, you can then hire somebody to do this work for you.

1. Setting up a membership site - If you are an expert in your field, you can set up a site where you share knowledge and experience in return for a membership fee. More members means more income. This is a way to turn your hobby, specialized knowledge, or profession into a membership web site, which brings you steady income.
2. Creating your own digital product - this involves eBook, software, video, music, etc. Creating an eBook is relatively easy nowadays, since you can find content to create one easily from the internet and make your own smaller eBook in a matter of a few days. Or if you have skills in computer programming, then you might consider writing a software which helps people to solve a certain task or simplifies their work. There are online programs which guide musicians and film producers on how to set up their own sales funnel, which then brings income for little or no effort. The benefit of digital products is that the whole sales procedure can be fully automated.
Apart from previous examples of passive income online, the following 2 options don't require you to create a new product or service.
3. Affiliate programs - There are companies online, which offer affiliate partnership programs. When becoming an affiliate member, you can start profiting from their products. You do this by driving traffic to those products. And when the customer buys that product, company does all the rest for you: tracks the sales, takes care of the delivery process. In return for your advertising work, you get paid commissions, which are a percentage of every sale that you make.
4. Using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements - most popular PPC-s are Google AdSense, Kanoodle BrightAds, Chitika and the Yahoo! Publisher Network. In order to create a significant amount of income you need to have a blog with a lot of content and a lot of readers. This means a site with a hundred to thousand pages and about 1000 readers a day. Another option is to have multiple smaller sites.
Great examples of passive income online are setting up a membership site, creating your own digital product, using affiliate programs and Pay Per Click advertisements. They all require initial investment of time and money. But after setting up, minimal work is needed, giving you more time and freedom to do the things that you truly enjoy.
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