Saturday, 8 October 2011

Creating Business Envelopes Designed for Success

Whatever your business goal is, you can surely achieve it through direct mail marketing. This marketing tool may look outdated, but it still proves to be effective in today's market condition. If you will do direct mail marketing,you might want to understand first the key steps to a successful campaign. First, you need to define your goal and identify your target market. Next, you need to test your campaign by mailing to a small group of individuals. Whatever the result of the first campaign, you can then apply them to your next mailing. Of course, it's important that you follow up on your leads in order to get them to act at once.
You can always start your direct mail campaign with letters. If you include an irresistible offer and compelling copy in your letter, you can be sure to drive sales to your business. You have to make sure though that your letter is not the only one eye-catching but the envelope as well. After all, this will be the first one people will see in the mailbox, so you might want to ensure that the envelope is worth opening. Envelope printing is not an expensive job. If you know what you want to achieve, you can easily create the best envelopes for your direct mail campaign.
Here are some tricks to make sure your envelopes are designed for success:
1- Put a teaser on the envelope. The trick to motivating people to open your envelope is to include a teaser on the envelope. It can be about the benefits people will find inside or a hint about the promos presented in the copy. It is important that you are able to pique the curiosity of the recipient so they will open the mail and read what you have to tell them. The sooner you can start your pitch, the better chance you will get a positive response.
2- Sometimes, leaving the outside of the envelope plain and without a return address stirs the curiosity of people. They will be encouraged to open it to know who sent the mail. Make sure though that your message is enticing so people will not be discouraged from responding at once.
3- It's best if you can create a personalized design. Make it look like the mail is from a friend or relative. If you can handwrite the address, that's better. This will intrigue the recipient and encourage them to open it. A personalized design is not that hard to do. If you don't know how to do it, you can always ask the help of a graphic designer.
4- Make it a point to create high quality envelopes. Don't use flimsy paper in your envelope templates as this will reflect poorly on your company. Go for a sturdy paper that will make your business look professional and credible. You can ask your printer what type of paper is best for your envelope. They have knowledge of the different paper stocks so they can recommend to you the best one.
Sales letters are effective when they are sent with an incredible envelope. If you can prickle people's imagination with the design of your envelope, they will surely be encouraged to open it. So, work on creating the best design and you can achieve the best direct mail marketing campaign for your business.
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