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How Networking Makes Sales Happen

Expert Author Ann Tolle
How Increasing Your Visibility On LinkedIn Can Make Sales Happen
"People buy from whom they know and trust." It is obvious that your clients are bound to respect and trust you when they know you are speaking openly and honestly. Although, if you want to promote your business on the Internet and you do not have the convenience of meeting your customers face to face, it is necessary to identify other ways to reach out to your customer base.Your Networking Options
Many of the largest social networks on the Internet are attempting to integrate your personal life with your professional life. Facebook is notorious for awkward situations in which a family member discover the indiscreet photos and comments littering your Facebook profile. Twitter, on the other hand, has managed to shorten your promotional patter into a "tweet" which can be put forth to thousands of unbiased and dispassionate followers who are likely to behold your ideas as spam.
Since 2003, LinkedIn has narrowed down all such variables that go into effective social networking. LinkedIn is not a site where, say, your mom can easily sign in and post comments about how adorable you look in a photo taken of you over 20 years ago. Furthermore, the odds of having to endure the provocative tweets of a drunken celebrity are very slim.
For the record, LinkedIn hosts over 100 million ambitious businessmen and women that are successful in their own right. In fact, the average LinkedIn user makes well over $50,000 per year and many of them shamelessly display their experience, references, and education in full detail.
"I joined LinkedIn. What's next?"
  • Be seen and be different. Once you have joined LinkedIn, you have already taken a step in the right direction. The next step would be to begin fluffing up your LinkedIn profile with pictures and facts about who you are and what you do. Be sure to link to a video or website that you created. A more intimate presentation of your expertise could be in the form of blogging or chatting live with your clients through Skype. The idea here is that, when you are visible, you can communicate to gain that level of trust you need to make a sale.
  • Get outstanding feedback. Getting positive feedback is a fantastic way to promote your business profile. Your website should include an open forum where people can easily communicate with you and other prospective buyers. They should also be given the chance to "like" and refer your product either on their own site or on their social networking page. The more "likes" you receive the more people will trust that your profile is legitimately intriguing and worth their time and consideration.
  • Be proactive. Wasting hour after hour reading about how to improve your visibility is far less productive than actually implementing the ideas you are given. So, if you are not reading about another interesting way to lure visitors to your LinkedIn profile, you must be actively plugging yourself and responding to your clients. Of course, too much plugging is overkill. Just use common sense by determining what your audience will like and dislike.
  • Have a plan. You can do almost anything if you have a plan. Taking the time and effort is the only way you can get your name out there. Know where your target is and do the work that it takes to achieve your goals. Be sincere in your work and do not forget to be enthusiastic and to have passion for what you are doing.
If your goal is to ensure the longevity of your business, you must know that the responsibility of the business owner must be to maintain a uniquely personal relationship with the customer. This is key. Beyond that, find tools like Linked Influence that can help boost your profile salience even further. Whatever you choose, do not stop trying new things; the door to your success may be in the most unlikely of places!
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Ann Tolle is the Director of Communications of The Tolle Group. She manages all PR, retail, design, and events of her business. She is a grandmother of two and enjoys travel, reading, and gardening.
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