Saturday, 8 October 2011

Learn Affiliate Marketing: Crazy Business 101

I like affiliate marketing. I began marketing for the same reason many other men and women do. I thought I might get stinking rich. That was long ago and while the sales do come trickling in, I would be better off with a string of lemonade stands in Anchorage, Alaska. Learn affiliate marketing,
it's an experience that has few risks if you are cautious and it can be completely engaging. The cost of starting an affiliate marketing business is practically nothing, in fact, it can still be accomplished for that price. One of my lemonade stands financed my schooling and initial investment. So don't be afraid to give it a try. You won't be out any thing more than me if you follow my careful instructions.
Getting Started
There are several ways to go about earning your first million dollars and while getting a job is probably the surest most realistic way of going about it, you won't and neither will I. There are many courses where you can learn affiliate marketing some of which will happily charge you thousands of dollars if they can sink a hook deep enough into your jaw to drag you in. I would not recommend spending more than 50 dollars a month on any course when you are first starting for several reasons. If you buy a course and don't use it, then the pain will be quite a bit more bearable. Most courses in that price range will teach you everything you need to develop an excellent overview of affiliate marketing. When you begin your journey you probably will still entertain some thoughts about quick and easy money. When you don't see any immediate results you will have a tendency to quit and try another course. I often read a bad review of an online marketing course that I know is a solid performer and the biggest complaint in the review is that "it does not work." Remember. If you want to learn affiliate marketing and be successful you have to study and learn each part of the marketing process. The course can not make you succeed and the thought that any course is directly responsible for your success is just wrong. It can show you the way but it can not push you through the door.
Mind Set
"If you can open an e-mail" there is a good chance that with perseverance you will eventually be able to tackle the skills necessary for earning money online. This is going to be a long game and your team isn't going to be winning for a long time. One of the two redeeming qualities about internet marketing is that the potential for success has an addictive quality that keeps you transfixed. The other redeeming quality is that you will go stark raving mad trying to build an online empire that earns enough to pay for your domain names. You won't be aware of the worried looks from friends and family. Success is implementing what you have learned and busting your website. Mind set is what will keep you focused long enough to find out how to fix it. If you are determined to learn affiliate marketing, keeping your focus on the long haul is an absolute must.
Your First Sale
Eventually you will make a sale. One bright new day you will stare at your computer in disgust and force yourself to turn it on. Perhaps this will be the last time before your futile efforts drive you to madness and you throw your laptop out into the on coming traffic. It is with a trembling finger that you close the window that has appeared on your desktop: "YOU HAVE BEEN LOGGED ON FOR ONE YEAR, WOULD YOU LIKE TO LOG OUT AND GET A LIFE?" It will be on this day, or one very similar that you open your email and there amid the myriad of spam messages will be words: "You just made a sale!" It is this day that affiliate marketing will become a reality and whether you ever make another sale or not you will be driven to repeat this event with an unhealthy zeal that has nothing to do with money. It has to do with the puzzle. It has to do with making it work because it does work and you will be only one with the secret formula for making it happen.
Affiliate marketing is crazy business and making my secret success formula work has become consuming, fun and almost as profitable as string of lemonade stands in Anchorage. Thank you for reading this article. I wish you every success in your efforts to LEARN AFFILIATE MARKETING.

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