Saturday, 8 October 2011

PURL Marketing Success - Using Personalized URL Marketing Properly

Expert Author Karen Christine Scharf
Have you heard of pURL marketing but consider it irrelevant to your own business? Do you think pURL marketing is a fad, or just another fly-by-night marketing technique? Well, consider this...
Over a decade ago, when the internet was in its infancy, many businesses were skeptical as to how the web would have any effect at all on their ability to market. Many people compared it to failed ventures of the past and mostly chalked it up to a fad. But chances are, by now those same marketers and businesses have embraced the internet and consider it normal function of doing business today.
Yet, even now, some small business owners fail to see how the internet can help them. They know that websites are as prominent as billboards on the highway, but they do not understand exactly how to manage the world of e-commerce and marketing. They know what a website is, they might even have one, yet they aren't really seeing the results they thought that they would.
The main reason small businesses fail on the internet is because they do not use their website and the internet to its full advantage. Your business website is more than just a stagnant advertisement. It is a dynamic entity that can be used in countless ways to market your product and services and create relationships and dialogues with your prospects and customers.
One of the newest and most effective ways to use the internet for marketing your business is through pURL marketing. Here are some of the ways that creating a personalized URL campaign can help you.
What is a pURL
The term pURL stands for personalized URL. A pURL is a website that is used in combination with a direct marketing campaign, most often as a way to present a very personalized, unique call to action for customers or prospects. Personalized URL marketing involves presenting a personalized website that typically contains the customer's name in the URL and a website that is completely targeted and personalized for that particular customer.
A pURL can be a great way to gather information about customers. With personalized URL marketing, you will access to detailed information in regards to which particular customers viewed their personalized websites, which pages they visited, how long they stayed on their website, what they purchased, and more.
Expenses of pURL Marketing
Until very recently pURL campaigns were extremely expensive to maintain and run, which kept many business owners away despite their positive impact. However, recent technological advancements have helped to make personalized URL campaigns far less expensive. In fact, a few companies offer full service pURL marketing that fits even an entrepreneur's budget. And because it's full service, all of the technical details, including the website design, are completely taken of.
Biggest Benefit of pURL Marketing
The biggest benefit of personalized URL marketing is the results that pURL campaigns achieve. Studies show that marketers can increase their response rates by up to 300% by combining pURLs with their current marketing campaigns. An because it is so inexpensive, this increased response rate results in a significant increase in ROI.
Purl marketing is not a fad, it is not going away anytime soon; in fact, as the technique improves and pURL use becomes more widespread, your customers and prospects will come to expect it. The time is jump on the pURL marketing bandwagon is now.
Looking for pURL marketing? We offer full service personalized URL marketing to fit every budget.
A complete pURL (personalized URL) web page is a dynamically created web page designed to speak directly to your prospect or customer on a personal level.
Individual page components can be customized for the particular reader. You can refer to your prospect by name, you can include personal images, you can reference relevant products, etc. And because, in most case, the personalized web address contains the prospect's own name, the pURLs get noticed, get visited and get results! Your prospect feels as if you are speaking directly to him - because you are!
Want to learn more about how pURL marketing works? Request your free demo at the Complete Purl website.

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