Saturday, 8 October 2011

Find A Mentor For Affiliate Marketing

Expert Author Bart Renn
When learning the process of Affiliate Marketing, find a mentor. A person, who is successful, honest in their marketing techniques, has integrity, and will give information freely and willingly. Through trial and error I have found a few mentors. I have narrowed it to one for my particular form of marketing. This person does not know who I am, except through their help desk and emails, but I definitely follow my mentor's methods and techniques.
What is a mentor and what do they do?
A mentor is a person that is very successful in Affiliate Marketing and usually classified as a "super affiliate." They generally have their own plan and are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with you. Their program is presented in a complete step by step, leaving nothing out, method that can be followed easily. They are people who keep you motivated and want to help you to become successful.
Mentors are really individuals you can learn from simply by watching and following what they are doing. Join their email lists and follow their website/blog postings.
How much do mentors cost?
Your initial expense will be the mentor's program. Yes, they have a business too. But it is all part of Affiliate Marketing. It will be a procedure that they use to make themselves successful. Most mentors will keep you motivated and your expenses to a minimum by utilizing free resources such as: web 2.0 properties with hosting, free sources of traffic and ways to promote the products you have chosen.. Occasionally mentors will recommend and promote products to you that will coincide with their program and help you in achieving your goal faster. Generally these products are not required. Seldom do they promote other peoples programs and usually promote only products they use themselves.
Finding a mentor can be difficult.
Mentors don't advertise themselves as such. They seldom rely on testimonials or earnings screen shots to prove their achievements. Their notoriety is spread by word of mouth or in forums or emails, Facebook or tweets. Their good reputations follow them everywhere. If you have been in Internet Marketing any length of time you have undoubtedly heard of some of them. If you have not heard of any mentors check the bottom of this article for a few I have found. Choose one, check their free introduction page, get on their mailing list and follow them for a short time. If they promote a program that interests you give them a chance to help. Search for one you feel you can trust and stay with them. Do what they do.
Affiliate Marketing can be frustrating and more often than not, if you have a problem, use your mentors support desk and ask questions. Follow your mentor. Everyone has a starting point, your mentor did, and will know that you do too. Go slow, but keep going, do something everyday be it right or wrong. You will learn.
Here is a short list of excellent mentors I have found. Also, please visit our website for their tried and proven programs and why I highly recommend them. See if you can discover which is my #1 mentor.

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