Saturday, 8 October 2011

Five Ways To Succeed With Affiliate Marketing

Expert Author Graham Bowall
The following methods have all proved to have been successful ways of making money with affiliate marketing. They all require effort and sometimes money and all have advantages and disadvantages.
Pay Per Click Marketing
For this to succeed you need a website. You can use a free one but it is always better to pay for a domain name and web hosting as it give your business a much more professional look to those that visit it. The web site will be set up to pre-sell the product that you are trying to promote and may offer a bonus of some kind for ordering the product through your site. Once the site is set up, you then use a Pay Per Click provider such as Google AdWords or the Microsoft Adcenter. What these do is give you listings on the first page of the search results in the Google and Bing search engines.
You only pay if somebody clicks on your ad and goes through to your web site. It doesn't matter if they buy the product from you are not, you still pay for the click. The good thing about this method is that it is very targeted and you can have a campaign up and running in minutes. You bid on keywords that are related to your product. The disadvantage of this method is that it can be very expensive if you get it wrong.
Niche Blogging
With the niche blogging method you set up a blog and write content for that blog that relates to all of the products that you are trying to sell. You may for example set up a blog in the health and fitness niche and then have pages on the blog that review the particular product that you are promoting. This can work very well. You can either go for a free blog by using one of the many free blog providers such as Blogger, or the better solution is to buy a niche related domain name and install WordPress on this which is the most popular and flexible blogging platform available. You will need hosting for this too. The main advantages of this method are that it is very cheap to start and there are no ongoing advertising costs. Also you are building an asset that you can sell at a later date. The disadvantages are the time it takes to create all of the content and the time it takes to get visitors through search engine optimization and other methods.
Social Networks
With the amount of people using social network sites like Facebook and Twitter growing by the hour, there is a big marketplace that you can try and promote your affiliate program to. With Facebook you can set up a fan page for free and create a pre-sell for your product. With Twitter you can tweet about it and put links in your tweets to the sales page. The advantages of this method are that the market is huge and the methods are essentially free. The disadvantages are that the competition is high and most people ignore product tweets these days.
Article Marketing
With article marketing you would write several articles that relate to the product that you are promoting and then submit these to the highest traffic sites like and hope that you will get many readers who will then click through to your site using the link in the resource box. The advantage of this method is that it is totally free marketing. The disadvantage is that it takes a great deal of time and effort to write a lot of articles to really make this worthwhile.
Media Buys
With media buys you basically are paying for advertising space on websites in the same niche that have a lot of traffic. These sites are usually on page one of Google for competitive search terms and can receive thousands of visitors each day. The advantage of this method is that all you need is a small banner advertising your site. The disadvantage is the cost.
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