Saturday, 8 October 2011

Earn Money By Giving Away Free Things

Expert Author Darren W Chow
Are you scratching your head, trying to think of ways to make money on the Internet? If you want to make serious money online, then you shouldn't just look at money making opportunities. You should focus on building a real business. A business that will put money in your pockets for years. Here is an interesting money making idea that has been proven to work.
Giant companies are always giving away free things.
First, take some time to search for free stuff on the Internet. You will be surprised at what you uncover. There are literally thousands of freebies available online. These range from digital products such as software to physical products such as shampoo samples. And yes, they are all available for FREE! But why are companies giving away free things?
The answer is obvious - for advertising purposes. And the Internet is a great place to give away freebies because of the power of word of mouth marketing. It's just so easy to spread a message on the Internet. People want to share good stuff with their friends. So when they find something good (and free), they blog about it, tweet about it, post it on Facebook, etc. And their friends tell their friends and so on. This is sometimes known as the viral process.
From the perspective of the companies, this is a good thing to happen. Genuine prospects get to try out their products for free. Once they get to know and trust the brand, they will want to buy more products from the companies. That is how marketing is being conducted online. So what has this got to do with you?
Well, these very same companies are always on the lookout for people to help them with their marketing campaigns. In other words, they are looking for people who can help them start the viral process. They want you to help them give away free stuff. In return for your efforts, you get a commission when someone signs up for a freebie or ends up buying something.
Can this really translate into a real business?
When it comes to business, you have to sit down and think about the dollars and cents. Since it's a business, you should be concerned about profit making right from the onset. If you are not making serious money, why get involved in the first place?
So let's say you give away a free item for a company, and for every person who signs up, you get $5. You are, in effect, generating leads for the companies. $5 may not sound a lot upfront but if you can drive traffic in volume, those numbers can add up to something really substantial.
Now some companies pay only when a sale is made. Since it's harder to sell something, the commission rate is usually higher - perhaps $30 per sale. Then there are companies that give a recurring commission. Can you start to see the profits adding up? And it all starts from giving away something for free!
There have been many network marketing companies that come and go, but one business to pay special attention to is that free thing.

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