Saturday, 8 October 2011

Print Quotes - How to Organize Them to Get the Best Value for Your Dollar

Important things to know about getting something Printed
1. Include in the budget delivery of your printed media this will often be a large portion of the cost and it is a lot more time intensive to deliver these items yourself than one might think.
2. Look around for the best quote, prices will vary greatly. Different printing companies will do certain jobs alot cheaper than other printing companies based on available resources. Some Printing companies really suit certain printing jobs where as other printing companies do not, for example: One printer business might only do digital printing which would prevent them from offering good prices for big orders.
3. Price per unit will vary greatly with different quantities ordered so it is worth getting a quote for 2 or 3 different quantities. ( Keep in mind that if you ask for quotes for different quantities, different paper thicknesses, two sided prints etc that you are creating far to much work for the printing company so try to keep it reasonable!
4. Often if you are getting a large amount of prints it will often cost no more to get double sided prints done.
It is definitely worth asking, for example you might have one promotion on one side and another promotion on another side. One option is to pair up with another business this way you can split both the initial cost and you can split the costs of distribution.
Frequently asked questions - About printing
What is GSM or Paper Grammage?
-Is the thickness of the paper.
Getting the Best Price - Tips?
-Wait to receive a few quotes before you select one.
-The more you print the cheaper it gets: 1000 flyers may cost $120 but getting 2000 flyers might only cost $135.
Ask print companies questions like:
-How much extra for double sided printing compared to single sided printing?
Can I get a discount if I pick it up?
Is there any charge for adding a job?
What should I include in Extra details?
Include any questions you have for the print companies.
Specific requirements of the print company.
If you want printing on recycled paper.
Questions about GSM.
Do your research, make sure you shop around for a good price. Its very easy to just sink money into physical marketing so make sure you do your research! Printing can be very worthwhile in creating foundations with new customers and allowing you to build long term profitable relationships so get started today with a free Printing quote to ensure you get great value for your business.
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