Friday, 30 September 2011

Two Ideas for Network Marketing and MLM Promotion

Expert Author Deborah F Gorman
What to do? Advertising agencies, publicity and marketing experts offer their promotional packages at premium prices which may yield little in the way of actual business for the money spent.
Most network marketing or MLM companies offer their associates various resources on the internet, including replicated websites. In general, however, the replicated website will not attract many visitors, due to the nature of the sites, where all are using the same tags and keywords, and it is difficult for the average networker to know how to draw traffic to their site.

It is possible to advertise your site, but this can be a complicated and expensive way to get traffic for the beginner. Most simply do not have the knowledge or experience to write effective ads.
If you are blessed with a huge budget you can hire someone to do this for you. If that is not the case, then you must look for other alternatives.
The Internet is a fantastic resource for networking, since it is accessible to millions of people worldwide, and more are using it all the time.
There are several ways for the network marketer to reach out to connect with new people online. The first is through Web 2.0 social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, forums, Youtube and so forth. On most of these sites you can get started for free. You can start a blog at free sites such as or
In fact there are so many sites it can be a bit overwhelming. Not to panic-- the best strategy is to pick one or two of these to tackle at a time and start to participate there on a consistent basis. The key is to remember the "social" aspect of social networking, by trying to be a friendly, helpful presence to those you meet online. Simply bombarding your contacts with links to your site or opportunity is not acceptable and can be considered spam.
The second main method of generating new leads is with what is purchasing leads. Purchasing leads is problematic in that many of the leads are being sold to multiple accounts, so they are not usually high quality leads. A preferable method of acquiring leads is through business networking, either through local networking groups or on business network sites on the internet. This is less costly and also offers the advantage to develop relationships within the network.
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