Thursday, 29 September 2011

How to Use Article Marketing to Build a Fun and Profitable Online Business

Expert Author Ian Ross Hollander
I love article marketing. I really do. As of this month, I've personally written over 5000 articles in a multitude of niches, and using a plethora of pen names, in more niches, markets and industries than I can count.

The traffic that has emanated from those articles has been the single most consistently profitable "process" I've used in my business over the last few years, and I can confidently attribute over 10 million readers to article marketing alone.
But believe it or not, as much as I love creating copious amounts of content in my own business... writing articles ALONE is not enough.
To truly build a valuable, viable and enduring business on the broad shoulders and firm foundation of CONTENT, you need consistency. And not just in the amount of articles you write, or how often you sit down to set "pen" to pixel.
You need a SYSTEM. A strategy. A structure. And a simple sequence of steps that you follow each and every time you go into a new market, an new niche, or attack a new product, program or promotion.
I can only speak for myself of course, but I have 6 "C's" that I use in my own content marketing campaigns, and I graph, map and outline each of these BEFORE I begin a new project, and they work wonderfully well each and every time.
They are:
Content (the articles like this one you will be writing and submitting to the directories)
Character (the voice I'll use when crafting the copy or the personality I'll assume for the project)
Community (how and where I'll build my base - my fans, friends, followers and subscribers)
Curriculum (what it is I'll be selling, or offering. My monetization strategy - can be a coaching program, and affiliate product, a service I own, etc)
Conversation (what I'm saying in each and every email, and on the blog, which builds rapport and relationship with my readership)
Conversion (how to put all the pieces above together in a way that turns my content, and my community into CASH)
And while writing articles (content) is certainly the crux, or the first piece of the of the process above, if you stop there... you'll NEVER have real success. You might make a sale or two, or make progress in your business, but without a fully formed funnel, you won't get where you truly want to be.
My best advice? Try to apply the 6 "C's" to your business and watch how much more fun, and how much more of a high level view you'll get of your goals....and how you are going to get there as well.
I like to think of the above as article marketing with Strategy, Structure and Sequence, and without any question, it's been the very best thing I've done for my own brand, and business to boot!
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