Thursday, 29 September 2011

How to Automate Your Business For Maximum Profitability (And Minimum Expense)

Expert Author Ian Ross Hollander
If you are serious about building a successful online business, the key is automation. The pieces of the puzzle you can set and forget. The things that don't need constant maintenance, upkeep and attention to work, and build your business.....literally as, cliche as it sounds, as you sleep.
I'm going to give you 3 super simple automation techniques that are critical to my business, and if you are serious about success, will be imperative to yours as well.

Automation Technique #1?
Article marketing. Exactly what I'm demonstrating here. The truth is, creating content for traffic is the very BEST way to generate a continuous stream of evergreen traffic for weeks, months and even years after the actual work is done. I have some sites that generate hundreds of visitors every day, that I literally haven't touched in years.
And these aren't articles on the actual sites themselves, but articles that you write for the purpose of syndication around the web. Remember, the day you stop paying for PPC, or when you stop "tweeting" or sharing content on Facebook, your traffic dries up pretty soon thereafter, right? With article marketing, the traffic often GROWS as the content ages. (simply due to the nature of content syndication, which we won't have the space to cover here, but suffice it to say, it works to YOUR advantage for sure)
Automation Technique #2:
Creating an email follow up sequence. Said differently, investing in an auto-responder is probably the very best way to automate your business that there is. A true set and forget it system, especially for follow up emails, once folks opt in to your list. You WILL want to create new regular messages that aren't "automated" in a sequential way as well (commonly called broadcasts) but if you aren't using an auto-responder to handle your outgoing conversation with your growing community, you really ought to start, ASAP!
Automation Technique #3:
User generated content blogs. There is NO better way to get free content created for you than to empower your readers to actually WRITE your content! There are tons of great ways to implement user generated content....from "ask me" and "submission" tools like some of the microblogging platforms have built more robust Q and A communities or social plugins you can literally install with the push of a button, and 100% for free. How are these automation tools? Because by proving the structure (and tools) for your readers, fans, friends and followers to generate content, ask questions or simply participate in your community, you are automating the 1 thing MOST people have the most difficulty with: Creating content! (this makes it very easy...and a whole lot of fun as well!)
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