Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Three Reasons Why 3D Virtual Campus Tour Will Benefit Your School

If you're starting to realize that the panoramic view of your school's student lounge just isn't cutting it for your online audience anymore, it might be time to check out what a 3D virtual campus tour can offer your college instead.

3D virtual campus tours bring your college's physical touring process to the Web. Students experience an interactive, 3D tour on their computer by controlling a personalized avatar through buildings and around campus. They can ask questions to their tour guide and get answers in real-time, play games that let them learn more about your school, and even go through the enrollment process right through the program.
So now that you have an idea about what 3D Virtual Campus Tours are, you need to know why they'll benefit your school. Check out the top three reasons why this type of virtual campus tour works in recruiting new students.
1. Prospective Students Love Interacting Online
College-age students spend their lives online. School websites are their go-to sources when they're first checking out a school, and very often, it's a school's online presence that makes or breaks their chances with prospects.
In fact, a Noel-Levitz E-Expectations study in 2010 found that 65% of students became more interested in a school due to a positive Web experience they had with it.
3D virtual campus tours offer the perfect chance to create that positive experience for students. The same report found that 58% of prospective students described virtual tours as adding extreme value to their online experience.
2. You'll Finally Have a Chance with Those Far-away Prospects
Your recruitment possibilities expand drastically when you consider the benefits of virtually touring your campus. Students who live too far away to visit your college physically can visit it and chat with admissions reps right from their home computer. They'll get to experience your campus without having to pay for flights, hotel accommodations and other travel expenses-a bonus that any money-conscious student will appreciate.
3. You'll Be Showing Off Your School's Technological Leadership
Finally, what better way is there to impress potential students with your school's leading technologies than by immersing them in a 3D virtual world? Students are extremely tech-savvy today, and they can tell just by looking at a college's website whether or not it's a leader in technological advancements. Make a good first impression with an exciting and fun 3D virtual campus tour. Even the most experienced gamer would be impressed.
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