Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Party Your Way to Network Marketing Success

Expert Author Tyler A Pratt
This past weekend a friend of mine threw this big party for his birthday. A ton of friends I knew showed up, and a lot of other people I did not know. As the party went on the people who I did not know, I began to introduce myself. Simple chit chat at first, but then by the end of the night I was talking with them like I had know them for years.

This is a simple relationship building we all do naturally on a daily basis. Meeting new people and trying to find things of interest is what makes parties fun.
If you're trying to build a network marketing business then parties can be a great way to build new relationships, and then maybe you can bring that person into your business. This is the basis of relationship marketing. Parties are fun and highly social environments that give us the opportunity to meet new people.
If for example you have a product your selling like cookware, or kitchen utilities. The best way for you to sell your products is to have a cooking party. Invite friends over to your house, give them snacks, serve a few drinks, and just have fun. Spend a few hours teaching your friends how to cook different meals using the same products you are trying to sell. Since everyone loves a good party, why not learn at the same time. People are always relaxed after a few hours of having fun, learning and just hanging out with friends. Once the party is closing down, tell your friends they can purchase the same cooking materials used in creating these meals. You would be surprise at how many will jump all over the opportunity to get the products.
There is a local store that sells high-end kitchen oven equipment. Very expensive and the stores sells a ton of these. The whole store looks like one big classroom with many ovens and counters for cutting up food. You can book this place with your friends and learn about cooking. A top chef in the area is the teacher and shows you ways to cook food just like all the high-end restaurants. When your done with the class your offered to buy one of the high-end ovens. When I took the class I did not purchase one, but there were some of my friends that did buy one.
These are just a few example of how companies or people sell their products. They use parties and teaching classes to relax people, give them how to's, and then ask for the sale.
Your network marketing company and the products they are offer can be sold in the same way. Find a way to educated your customers with a relaxed party and then ask them to buy your products, or join the opportunity.
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