Thursday, 29 September 2011

How To Add Value To Your Freebies

Expert Author Jonathan Lee Jenkins
Nowadays many websites give away freebies to attract traffic, but how can we add value to them? Some of the products given away include e-books, services and samples. But giving away these freebies isn't necessarily going to improve the customer's opinion of the product, since most people have a value in mind, and have more than likely formed an opinion.

Of course advertising a freebie leads to an increase in traffic, but it is not as exclusive as it was years ago when the internet and freebies were new to us. Now, there are hundreds of sites offering a wide range of freebies. It is therefore important to make your free product or service stand out from the crowd, and add value to it so that the person will be more attracted to it. But how can we achieve this? Take a moment to read the following tips and find out how.
1. Tell the customer how much the actual freebie is worth in monetary terms. For example you could state "Get my latest eBook worth $15 for free".
2. Give them more than they expect by adding an additional freebie with it. This will help to increase the value. For example "Subscribe to my newsletter for free and obtain access to a private members only area of the website".
3. Set a closing date for the offer. If you state that your free eBook is only available for a certain period of time then it makes it more appealing, and will also add value to it.
4. State that there is only a limited quantity available for free. People will feel inclined to sign up as soon as possible, as they won't want to miss out on the opportunity.
5. Give the freebie a great sales pitch, this will add value to it. You need to give a good description of it, and list the benefits of having or using it. Ensure you make the customer feel that the freebie is of great benefit to them.
6. Ensure that your description is interesting. No one wants to download or sign up for a freebie if it does not interest them in the first place. You therefore need to make it sound attractive and appealing.
7. Your freebie's value can be increased through providing customer testimonials. Allowing people to read positive reviews from others will help to impress them.
8. Make the customers aware of the demand. For example "9,000 people have already downloaded our free eBook, don't miss out on it".
The above tips are just a few ways for you to add value to your freebies and make them more interesting to your customers. Try a few of the tips listed above and discover which one works the best.
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