Friday, 25 November 2011


Solar Eclipse Final of The Year

Today's 25 November 2011 Solar Eclipse Final of The Year was happened which mean eclipse was the fourth and final solar eclipse of the year.

A partial solar eclipse was visible over parts of the southern hemisphere as the moon passed between Earth and the sun for the.
The eclipse was visible in southern South Africa, Antarctica, Tasmania, and most of New Zealand.  At greatest eclipse, as the moon orbited between the sun and Earth, 90.5 percent of the sun's diameter was covered from the location closest to the axis of Earth's shadow, which is a point in the Bellingshausen Sea on the west side of the Antarctic Peninsula.
 Let read about history The solar eclipse.. The solar eclipse of  11 August, 1999 in Europe helped to increase public awareness of the phenomenon,  which apparently led to an unusually large number of journeys made specifically to witness the annular solar eclipse of  3 October 2005, and of 29 March, 2006.
The last total solar eclipse was the solar eclipse of  11 July, 2010; the next will be the solar eclipse of 13 November, 2012. The recent solar eclipse of  1 June, 2011 and the Solar eclipse of 1 July, 2011.

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