Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Kyle Orton Released effect to Tebow's Future

This latest news Kyle Orton Released effect to Tebow's Future make us a bit of a shocking move considering that we're entering Week 12 of the NFL season, 

Because There were no rumors or leaked information leading up to the release that led people to expect Kyle Orton would be released on Nov. 22, 2011.

But there are fans out there of teams such as the Chicago Bears (which would be a good fit for Orton) who would openly welcome Orton with open arms considering their current quarterback situation.

What happen to Tim Tebow and the team's future quarterback situation.
You wanna know what it means to the Denver Broncos and Tebow's future heading into next season?
Absolutely nothing.

All this assures is that Orton won't be a Denver Bronco in 2012. That is not a shock because his contract was up after 2011, and it was all but set in stone that he wouldn't be a Bronco next season considering his demotion this season after leading the NFL in interceptions through five games started.

But, there are still six games left in the 2011 season. Let's just see how it goes for the rest of the year before we anoint Tebow as the default starter for 2012. Motivate him more. Fuel his fire. That is how you get the best out of athletes. That is how you fuel greatness.

So what does the Orton trade mean for Tebow?
It means he's the starter for the 2011 season. That is all.
Who starts at quarterback for the Denver Broncos in 2012 will be determined in the next six games.

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