Sunday, 4 December 2011


Money Comes From  Website
by Easy Official

Now I want to write about " Money Comes From  Website " on the Internet,There are many ways  how to make money from our website after I make a little research.. That is why I decided to share what I got . If you know a method that is not listed below, just let us know and we'll update it.

1. Ebook

Ebook is one of the hottest in the internet..Each day Many of us want to find ebook because it easy to learn from it..Selling ebook is one way money making that we can promote using a website..This is a very efficient way to generate revenue.

We can produce many ebook for example like SEOBook, secret of internet or launch the ebook based on the Success 
of the website..

2. Hardcover Book

Selling hardcover book is always do by authors and Journalists leverage their blogs or websites to sell copies of books Hardcover. Examples include Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell. We can try this way to topup our profit..

3. Pay Per Click Advertising

Basically we need to sign up with the Pay Per Click Advertising network and paste some code snippets on your website. The network will then serve contextual ads (either text or images) relevant to your website, and we will earn a Certain amount of money for every click from our website visitor. Google AdSense is the most popular option under this category, but there are also others like nuffnang, Chitika, Clicksor and so on.
Click here to know What is Google adsense actually..

4. Selling Templates or WordPress Themes

Many people decide to get a beautiful website or make the attractive website..Therefore they seach and buy a templates from the internet..We use this opportunity to sell website templates and WordPress themes..On this segment we have mainstream websites like Template Monster, as well as individual designers who decide to promote and sell THEIR work independently.

Okay... enough for this time...hope enjoy it..(^_^)

I’ll continue this topic in next post in part 2..

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